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TV Casting Call

Move over Kim K, we are casting for TV Show...

Hollywood called us! With the success of what we do at the Flourish Media with women and funding and all sorts of business fun, they reached out to see if there was synergy and potential for possible partnership. We just got off the phone with them this morning and we are super excited! Yayyyy

Who has seen Sharktank? Well...they are creating a spin off TV show and looking for businesses to feature on the show. If they want bosses - we know lots of 'em! And we want to get you on TV!

So we are reaching out to our amazing network of bosses to see who would be interested in something like this?

Of course you would need a viable business idea + be willing to be a TV Star (who doesn't want that!)

Right now we are gauging interest! Details will be forth coming. 
They have 3 casting events ahead: in LA, Dallas, and Atlanta - we are looking to bring our people to the ATL one sometime in August. 

Imagine what kind of national exposure you would get for your business if it were featured on National TV!!!

Who is in? 

(we dont have all the details yet by the way, I am really looking to see how many of you would be interested in something like this. Let us know with the form and we will  get more information to you as we get closer.)

Listen, most people don't recognize opportunity when its staring right in their face. Don't be one of those people LOL

As you know - We are all about getting you out there and giving you as many tools, tips, tricks, and resources as we can to help you get more eyeballs on your business. This is MAJORRRRRRRRR!!!!