Why Self-care Is Important For Small Business Owners

Why Self-care Is Important For Small Business Owners

Even the most consistent and disciplined entrepreneurs can forget to self-care. In the midst of the every day hustle often times we tend to put taking care of ourselves on the back burner. 

We all know that it can be difficult and overwhelming to work for yourself. Getting burnt out and feeling overly stressed can often times be one of the biggest concerns for a business owner. As an entrepreneur, you have to deal with unusual working hours, time pressures, irregular money coming in, and even limited social interaction.

This is why prioritizing your self care is an integral part of success. In order to put self care at the top of our list, you have to voluntarily engage in daily activities that will aid your wellbeing; mentally, emotionally, physically, financially and even spiritually. It can help you feel at ease, healthy, and motivated to take on your work responsibilities. Knowing all the positive and benefits about self care you would think more entrepreneurs are engaging in it enough. 

In this modern age, we often praise those who constantly have busy schedules, stay up all night working on their craft, or even spend all their time on their thinking about their next business move. This is not always healthy and it actually creates more stress. Business owners need to remember that there is a life outside of their business. Self care can help entrepreneurs by reducing stress levels. Stress is a normal physical and emotional response to a threatening or overwhelming task/situation, but can have major consequences if not managed properly. Especially as an entrepreneur, stress is going to play a role in your life, so learning how to deal with it is very important.

Self care is also crucial because it enhances focus & creativity. A focused mind allows for more creativity and inspiration to hit. If you are overwhelmed and trying to multitask, doing a million things at once, you aren’t in the best mindset to be creative, organized, and successful in your goals.

Most importantly, self care boosts positive energy + productivity. There is actual research that shows when you take a break, even for 10 minutes, it increases your productivity. Often times you have to check in with yourself and know when your mind needs a break. Ultimately, the more you produce valuable work to your every day life the more energy you have to remain productive. 

My advice is to always have a few short, medium, and long activities, which you can choose depending on how long you have that day.

  • Short (10 minutes) self care ideas include: a cup of tea, yoga poses, breathing exercise, listening to a mini mindfulness meditation.

  • Medium (30 minutes) self care ideas include: reading self help book, doing a workout, listening to an uplifting podcast.

  • Long (30 minutes +) self care ideas include: getting a massage, create a budget list for the month, coffee with friends, Netflix show, taking a nap.

  • Extended (1 day+) self care idea included: TRAVEL! Connect with like minded women that align with your vision. Take time out to better yourself by visiting somewhere different. Always make your traveling intentional. 

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A healthy, calm, coping business owner is much better than a stressed out one. Prioritize yourself and reap the benefits! 

Here at Flourish Media we believe in taking care of yourself in order for your business to thrive. We are always looking forward to helping women succeed with their business goals. If you’d like to consult with us, be sure to jump on a discovery call

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