The Best Moments from Summit 21


A few days ago the Flourish team traveled to Atlanta where we attended 21Ninety’s Summit21, a 2 day culminating experience for black women across the country. It still feels surreal that we got to partake in the BLACK GIRL MAGIC experience firsthand. The Summit 21 tracks in entrepreneurship and leadership brought together 3,000+ women from around the world to be inspired, join sessions on business, beauty and impact, and learn to thrive in all parts of their lives.

Cincinnati Guide for Entrepreneurs


It was Flourish Media‘s first time in Cincinnati, but we didn’t feel too far from home! Everyone was very welcoming and especially kind at the Pretty Professional Conference. Even random people, such as our Uber drivers and restaurant employees were very helpful and nice to the team. Having lived in St. Louis myself for four years, it is no doubt that the Midwest is home of the friendliest people and communities. We loved the tight niched community that we experienced in just 4 days! 

Don’t Be Afraid To Take A Risk


At Flourish Media we are most comfortable in sunny Miami, Florida but in 2017 we decided to go on tour in the United States. We met new people and grew our business by 47%. What kind of growth can you expect to see?

Taking risk is exciting! You may not expect to make history. We don’t. But we do expect to experience the fullness of life without fear. This year we are going on tour again with PublisHER, A Book Fair for women authors.

Why Is Patience The Top Component In Business


In anything in life you’re taught that, patience truly is a virtue. In fact, anything of value takes patience, whether it’s a matter of developing a skill, building a relationship, or launching a business initiative. We’re aware that In order to build a successful business, you have to hustle and be somewhat of a hard-charger. The mental process is crucial in developing the skill of patience which is indeed the TOP component your business will require.

How To Stay Motivated As An Entrepreneur


In the beginning stages most entrepreneurs have a difficult time with this. Even some time throughout the years you’ll find that discouragement or lack of motivation and focus can happen to anyone. Flourish Media is here to help you! We’ve come up with (5) VERY simple and effective ways to remain motivated while striving toward your personal and business goals.

Bye Silicon Valley, Why Entrepreneurs Migrate to Atlanta & Visit Miami


Our intent is to connect women to a community for collaboration, innovation, equality, and creativity. The importance of community is to find the right niched hub of people that can help you understand the struggles and the knowledge that has been gathered from experienced professionals to the less experienced entrepreneurs. This is why women with determination need to be around other women with determination that look like them and can support them as highlighted in this article published by..