How To Buy The Perfect Planner

How To Buy The Perfect Planner

It’s an exciting chapter of our lives as the end of year is approaching. Being that December is right around the corner it is the ideal time to start planner shopping for 2019! You have so many thoughts, ideas, and goals to execute for the new year. A planner allows you to structure your time around your priorities, can keep you on track when you need it to, and can be a go-to resource for many different areas of your life. We all benefit from staying organized and keeping our life on track, but how do we know which planner is best for us? 

A couple of questions to ask yourself prior to purchasing are:

  • Will I need to carry my planner around, or will it simply sit on my desk? 

  • Do I want to customize my planner, or go with one that is well-suited to my needs?

You should know there are literally so many different planner options, so how do you choose? It can be hard to do, knowing your lifestyle can help. A little FYI some of your options are electronic ones, printables, spiral bound, ring bound, DIY and pre-made. So how do you figure out which would be most beneficial for you? Think about how you go about your lifestyle?

  • Do you plan out every minute or do you just need to know when certain appointments/meetings/events fall?

  • Do you depend on lists?

  • Do you set goals?

  • Do you want to start setting them?

  • Do you have a routine?

  • If not, do you want to create one?

Being able to answer these questions will help you narrow down the options to the one that works best for you.

The type of planner you need is based off every day life and planning. If you just need to have some place to make sure you don’t miss important meetings or event/appointment reminders, then a plain block calendar or the calendar app on your phone would probably work just fine. If you are a list person, look for a calendar that breaks your day down to something manageable and has room for lists of to do’s. If you like to write it down physically then opt to find some kind of paper planner that can fit your lifestyle.

Flourish Media actually offers a perfect sized planner making it convenient to carry around and jot down any ideas or notes that come to mine. You can purchase our planner here

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