5 Valuable Things You Gain By Attending Create Cultivate Events

5 Valuable Things You Gain By Attending Create Cultivate Events

This past weekend Flourish Media took the party over to the very first CC Vision Summit here in Miami. Hundreds of women gathered to learn from the best of the best in social media influencing, blogging, entrepreneurs, marketing, design and more.

From the power of believing in your potential to up-leveling marketing tips, these ladies talked all things creativity with some of the top women in the game. There was an abundant amount of inspiration flowing around, making it almost impossible to pick our top valuable gains. Keep reading to find out just what YOU are capable of gaining from attending one of these events.

  1. Established relationship with other boss ladies

The connections and relationships you have access to at Create Cultivate are unparalleled. Where else can you interact with #squadgoals and #bossgoals on such an intimate level? This space is filled with highly motivated, like minded women that want YOU to succeed just as much as they want it for themselves too. If you take advantage of the network opportunities through their mentor sessions, it could open a myriad of doors— not only for you, but for your company as well.


2. Network with brands for potential future partnerships


Personally, one of my favorite things to do at any event is connect with the sponsors. I genuinely like learning about companies that align with my personal messaging and exchanging contact info. The key to networking is to present yourself as professional as possible. Introduce yourself and make sure to take their info. You’ll want to contact and follow up right away! Building relationships with brands can benefit your business long term. Amika was one of my favorites. They had the cutest setup and sample bags.

3. You leave feeling empowered and confident AF

Women empowering women is changing the game! In the same way that a wellness retreat works to revitalize your body, a conference like Create & Cultivate works to boost your brain power, which in turn gives you a confidence jolt like no other. Listening to other women’s success stories helps boost inspiration to so many ladies like yourself.


4. Get key pointers and tips from professionals kiling in the industry

The speakers/panelists at these conferences are professionals that have a REAL STORY, just like you. They share with you ways to build your brand and lets you know what didn’t or what did work for them. Essentially, they are key experts in the entrepreneurial/influencer field. You should take advantage by jotting down notes throughout the sessions! It’s really good stuff.

Here are some of Create & Cultivate’s favorite “Mic-Drop Lines” from the conference:

If you try to pick up every piece of gold along the way, you’ll never reach the rainbow. - Chelsea Riggs, Brand President of Amika

As the company grows, you have to consistently edit. - Chelsea Riggs, Brand President of Amika

If you don’t have the best team, that strategy and that product won’t matter anymore. - Maria Molland     

Our business model is generosity. - Sophie Chiche - Shape House

Take more risks. People are looking for brands who take a stand on their views. - Katie Erhard - OUI by Yopliat

Now that you know how great it is to attend one of these events, make sure to come out to Miami in February (21st-22nd) to take home these valuable assets. Not only will you gain these 5 things, but you’ll also have a chance to pitch your business to million dollar investors! We are the ONLY conference with BUSINESS FUNDING FOR WOMEN. Make sure to snag your Flourish Media Conference tickets before the pre-sale ends on Dec 30!

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