Amazon Prime Day & What It Really Means to "Launch"

Amazon Prime Day & What It Really Means to "Launch"

For days Amazon was sending me email after email, app notification after notification that this HUGE event was happening!


Who got the same notifications?

So, here I was - eagerly anticipating 3PM EST for all of these amazing sales to go live. 

At 3:01 - I try, and I fail. I get an error message. 
So, I wait some more, and still... it's almost 5 PM, and I am still getting this picture of this puppy letting me know something on their end is not working. Has it really been 2 hours, Amazon! Seriously?

But this brings me to a good lesson for all of us...

Amazon Prime Day Error Message.png

Amazon - this $430 Billion dollar company launched, and they launched ugly. 

Clearly, their website wasn't ready for this! And we are. 

It's almost comical, right? You would think, this HUGE corporation, with thousands of employees, and revenues that most of us can only dream of - does not have everything perfect *GASP*

So, why or why - do we think we have to?

See - I talk to people every single day who are afraid to launch because things are not perfect. They think they have to have it all together. They need the perfect program with the perfect website and the perfect Instagram feed. They think they need to speak perfectly before they get on stage, or before they even do a Facebook Live Stream. Everything needs to be on point before they make their message known...

Where does that even come from?
(Well I know exactly where, but too much to talk about in one email LOL) 

Because the truth of the matter is, if you have a pot of gold (and you do), you gotta get the message out there!

If you have a program that can serve someone - 
If you are a coach and you believe you can change someone's life - 
If you have a product that is needed - 

Listen to me...

Sometimes, you just gotta launch ugly!

Amazon did - and they did it unapologetically, too!

Cuz here I am, 2 hours later, still trying to buy a Boom Mic LOL.  

I have launched course after course, program after program and let me be honest. 

None of them were ever perfect. 

I had all the fears
I had all the doubts
My Facebook ads weren't perfect
I had misspelled copy
I lost sleep
I cried

I did it all...

One time, I was so scared of success, I actually stopped in the middle of a launch - no lie! I literally turned off all of the emails, and shut down the sales page so no one else could sign up. 

Isn't that weird? LOL (for those of you inside of the VIP Lounge, I am telling you all about iton Wednesday) 

So, no matter where you are in your business, its time to take that next step so you can launch! 

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