How To Stay Motivated As An Entrepreneur

How To Stay Motivated As An Entrepreneur

As a boss-woman, there is nobody in a higher position that’s responsible for your progress and performance. It’s all on you. You are solely responsible for personal goal setting and personal accountability. 

In the beginning stages most entrepreneurs have a difficult time with this. Even some time throughout the years you’ll find that discouragement or lack of motivation and focus can happen to anyone. Flourish Media is here to help you! We’ve come up with (5) VERY simple and effective ways to remain motivated while striving toward your personal and business goals.

Give yourself realistic goals

First, you have to create the short term vision. Give yourself realistic goals and expectations. When working as an entrepreneur, you’re the driving force behind rewarding and critiquing. It's so much easier that you know yourself and have insights into how you work. What hurdles will set you back? What drives you in your workspace? Allow yourself to achieve goals that align with who you are as a brand and where your strengths are. Too many times we try to push the square into the circle and, to our frustration, it just doesn’t work. Working as a boss lady allows you to access your limitless possibilities and nurture what your true strengths are. Giving yourself realistic goals is the first step in tapping into that limitless potential and working with it.

Celebrate Small Victories

As stated in our previous article, small victories are accomplishments! Similar to the previous point, now I need you to write down everything that you have done throughout the day. You made the plan, now make it come true. Your new goals are a great way to build momentum, but you need something that will keep you grounded, to remind you that it’s not what you “plan” — but what you do that counts. At the end of each day mark the part that you’ve finished. You will feel more motivated than ever when you find yourself doing things you thought were difficult or accomplishing smaller tasks. 

Self Care Daily

Taking care of your mind & body are both equally important. Eat properly, practice a healthy diet and even healthier habits. Exercise at least two times per week, eat nutritious food that stimulates the brain and get a good night’s sleep. It’s essential for your concentration and mood. You spend a huge part of your life working, so when possible take a little time for yourself, away from work. Turn off your phone for one hour, the world won’t collapse without you. Nor will your business. Here’s our article on other ways you can practice self care for entrepreneurs for motivation. 

Get Dressed Daily

Sometimes you wake up and just want to stay in PJs all day. You lack the motivation to get out of bed, let alone work. But dress like you feel great. Your clothing can make you a better thinker. Dressing up impacts your self-esteem and helps to shift from a negative to a positive perspective. According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, clothes can help in performing more complex tasks. And it’s not just what you wear, but what you think of yourself when wearing it.

So put on your favorite blouse & bottoms, something that makes you feel good about yourself but at the same time comfy and successful. It will help you focus and will motivate you to do better and get your way!

Treat Yo’ Self, You Deserve It

Don’t expect other people to do things for you, do them yourself. You worked very hard this week boss babe, and now you deserve a reward. Make this a habit. Reward yourself after every finished part of your plan towards achieving your goals. Even if it’s the simplest thing. You can have dinner at your favorite restaurant, drinks with your friends, a vacation you’ve been planning for a long time now. The feeling you get from doing something for yourself will motivate you in achieving another goal, and then some!

The success you seek ultimately lies within you. Keep up the motivation even through the struggles, let that create a better version of yourself. You’ve got this boss lady!

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