Professional Pretty Conference Recap

Professional Pretty Conference Recap

Exactly a week ago, Flourish Media touched down in Cincinnati for the 2nd annual Professional Pretty Conference by Morgan Owens


We kicked off our weekend Friday at the Professional Pretty Conference VIP Night. This night was all about networking and establishing meaningful connections. 

We had the pleasure of:

*Hearing from A Special Guest Speaker

*Shopping Small Businesses 

*Power Networking

*Food and Bubbly

We made lots of new friends this night with intentions of working together or collaborating in the future. 


The guest speaker was Mary Weinberg, Olympic Gold Medalist. We got to hear her inspiring story and insight about blooming and stepping into your purpose. 


At the end of the night, a huge announcement was given! Can you guess what it was?! If you followed along with our Instagram story you know how impactful this announcement was to the lovely Morgan Owens. 

We’ll keep the suspense going just a tad bit more! ;) 

On To The Next Day


Saturday was officially the day for Professional Pretty Conference! We arrived a bit late, but just in time to hear all the educational panelists; including our very own mini mogul money magnet Vivian Olodun! She spilled nuggets all throughout the finance panel about keeping your finances in check, how to manage your money, and business funding! We also heard from our other two Flourish founders, Dr. Tracy Timberlake (moderating) corporate panel and Sasha Revolus on the media panel. Throughout the day we had to opportunity to networking some more, hear from women in leadership, and learn more about what it takes to be a successful woman in the business world. All the ladies in the room were taking notes in every direction! Professional Pretty Conference was a day of building community, business tips from self starters and corporate leaders, motivation, & gaining knowledge about entrepreneurship. 

Sunday Funday

The last day of professional pretty conference was taken place at Blush event loft in downtown Cincinnati. Where attendees were exclusively invited to a self-care brunch! We see women in business as a strong, resilient, & determined community. These women are ambitious and spend countless hours nurturing their business. They are bad ass women that get through the ups and downs of building a business too. However, we often forget that there is a person with feelings and personal struggles underneath the exterior. As important as it is to focus daily on business endeavors we have to focus on ourselves too. We had the honor of hearing from keynote speaker Dani Spikes, her raw and proactive speech is exactly what the crowed needed to feel fired up and level up their mentality. There was a panel of women who especially cater to self care and wellness. The connection and genuine love they had for all these women (strangers) was amazing! 


We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend! Morgan did an exceptional job hosting #Pretty2019! To reference back on the huge announcement, Miss Morgan received TWO proclamations by the city of Cincinnati which honors May 24th and 25th as the official Pretty Professional Conference weekend and official Morgan Owens Day. How outstanding is that?! We are incredibly proud of our friend and the loyal community she has. Morgan is off to do even more amazing things! Pretty Professional is going to be even better in 2020! If you’re looking to visit, we have a Cincinnati Guide for Entrepreneurs for a quick business trip! 


Will you soon be attending a conference soon? Here are a few ways to get prepared if it’s your very first time! 

  • Look at the conference agenda ahead of time and circle the sessions you want to attend!

  • Don’t waste your time getting to know a large group of people. Concentrate on meeting high quality individuals with whom you can build valuable relationships.

  • Eat lunch with strangers! Typically conferences provide lunch so make sure not to sit with your friends. 

  • Have your business cards ready! And make sure to take business cards from the people you would like to potentially do business with. 

  • Take at least an hour to walk through the exhibition floor, and see if there are any companies you’re interested in. Even if you don’t buy anything, you can still get a lot from exhibitors.

  • You have to follow up with EVERY person you met at the event. If you don’t, you’ll never end up building any real relationships. Meeting someone is great, but if you don’t get to know the people you meet, you won’t gain value from the conference.

Put the skills up to test at our upcoming conference in February! Check out for more information and snag your early bird ticket too!  

Cincinnati Guide for Entrepreneurs

Cincinnati Guide for Entrepreneurs

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