PublisHER Atlanta Recap

PublisHER Atlanta Recap

Flourish Media is on full throttle, one stop after another! This past weekend we said hello to the wonderful city of Atlanta, GA. On June 22nd, we hosted our book fair for women authors, PublisHER. This platform is a one day event where you’ll meet some of your favorite women authors, purchase copies of new releases along with book signings, and you hear from professional panels on the art of self-publishing and writing.

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PublisHER Atlanta was an outstanding event! Our audience connected with our authors in a very authentic way and took several nuggets home about the journey in becoming a successful self-published women author. A few of our talented authors present were:


Halaveshia Hall
Halaveshia is on a mission to empower women one word at a time while depleting the stigma that women cannot get along or have solid long-lasting relationships. Her love for the ever revolving evolution of women and our need for more transparency assisted in releasing her first book “Hey Sister, I’m Praying With You: 30-day prayer interactive prayer devotional and work book” designed to be worked in groups but can very well be worked alone.

Della Mack
Della is bridging the gap for leadership development with premier insight to tackle obstacles faced by women who are brown, black, and tan in the work environment. Her book: “Confident is SHE” provides practical tools to maintain your seat at the table, advice on achieving work/life balance, and valuable nuggets as a young leader. This book helps professional women of color find direction and stay on course to maximize their abilities.

Eboni Walker
Eboni’s book is one that relates to readers and encourages them to overcome any challenges that may come their way, whether they are in the college world or professional world.

Grace Brown
Grace is is a 9x self-published author. Her literary work spans self-publishing, autism, and Christian topics. An international best-selling author, ghostwriter, and book coach, Grace helps her clients to write and self-publish their non-fiction books. Through her business Pen to Publish, Grace has helped thousands realize their dream of being an author. Her book From Idea to Publish contains the most comprehensive author’s checklist ever and shows authors step by step how to get from idea to a published book.

Devon Moody-Graham
Devon supports, sustains, and spotlights moms who are CEO’s. She is a winning business strategist and recently published her first book: The Procrastinator’s Guide to Purpose: Delayed not Denied. This book is an real guide as Devon discusses the story behind her life living and understanding procrastination. She helps us along the journey to stop using it as a crutch and cliched excuse.


Taylor Deathridge
Taylor is a serial entrepreneur and author. Her book: A Woman’s Work is Never Done is a small glimpse into her family background and it’s impact on her as a woman and more specifically, cooking! She tells the story on how all the matriarchs in her family essentially taught her how to be a “girl boss” in the career world AND in home. Thus, which developed her expression of love through cooking. She shared gems, quotes, and recipes of what was taught to her growing up in efforts of spreading the core of what a southern belle means to her.

Natasha Player
Natasha is a first-time self-published author. With over 10 years in the media industry, she began telling stories on an additional platform. She is now on a college book tour, “The Abracadabra Effect”. Abracadabra means to create as you speak. Natasha challenged her readers to take inventory over the words they choose to speak. She hopes to encourage hearts, promote entrepreneurship, denounce fear and create a winner mentality for many!

C.M Harold
C.M Harold is a native of the beautiful state of North Carolina. She makes her literary debut with Dance with Honey. Her joy for writing blossomed over the years, and while she wrote best-selling short stories, they all stayed on the bookshelf in her mind. Although her writing is fiction, she hopes that readers are motivated in real and meaningful ways.
C.M. Harold resides in Atlanta, Georgia and is currently working on her next book and developing a lifestyle blog called “February Dame”.

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We divided the authors in two separate panels:

Panel 1: “The Book Writing Process”
During this panel we got to hear about the challenges and journey of each author as they began to write their story. We were taught how to overcome specific obstacles of self doubt, writers block, and the steps to bringing your story to life. The key to growth as told by our authors is to create continuous STORYTELLING!

Panel 2: “How To Self Publish Your Book”
During our 2nd panel specific authors were selected to speak on the pros and cons of self publishing and HOW to do it. They talked about different resources that are available to achieve self publishing.

After our panels we had future authors come up and set intentions for their book too! Several women said, “This is the first event I’ve ever been to that motivated me to take action. “I feel very inspired by everyone.” “I haven’t been this motivated to write in a long time” At PublisHER we don’t only encourage you to succeed in the art of writing and self publishing, we show you how to develop your talent and share key steps that are crucial through the process of becoming self published.

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We know that so many of you are pumped to participate in our next PublisHER! Behind The Leaf wants to continue hosting this event. As mentioned before, our non profit is accepting donations HERE to keep the party going and make PublisHER accessible to more women throughout the U.S. Maybe next time we will be hearing all about your story!

As a great thank you we want to remind you that there are still a few $40 tickets available to our attendees that RSVP’s for our Flourish Media Conference, the only women conference that offers business funding, angel investors, and scholarship opportunities for women of color!

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