How to Create Brand Saliency

How to Create Brand Saliency

What is Brand Saliency and How Do I Build it?

Brand salience is brand awareness on steroids. It is the ability for your people to recall your business name, logo, products etc. When people are in need of a product you offer or a service you provide, does your business come to mind?

If it does, then you have strong brand saliency. If not, then don’t fret! There are ways to build it. It is important to note that brand salience takes time, this is not an overnight kind of deal. Here are the three things you need to focus on to build stronger saliency:

1. Brand Visibility

You can be the best at what you do, but if you no one knows your name it won’t matter much. Your goal should be to stay as visible as possible, to as many people as possible, for as long as possible.

Social media will be the fastest way to do that. Make sure you are curating content that is attracting YOUR ideal clients and customers and you are doing that on a consistent basis. Posting once every two weeks, not a good social strategy make.

We recommend posting at least once a day, every day so that your people can get used to seeing you active and relevant in their feeds. That kind of regularity naturally builds brand saliency because they are seeing you ALL. THE. TIME.


2. Social Proofing

You can talk about yourself and your brand all day til the cows come home. But it is much better when someone else is doing it! Encourage your clients/customers to give testimonials and positive feedback. You can collect this on already existing platforms like Google Reviews and on your Facebook Business page, or you can create your own submission form.

This allows you to capture all of the amazing things people are saying about you AND share it on your social as well so that everyone can see just how terrific you are!

3. Storytelling

There is a lot of science behind this. People have been studying buyer psychology for years and storytelling creates an emotional resonance between a brand and a consumer. Let’s say you are walking down the aisle at your local Target and you suddenly realize you need cat litter. So you mosey on over to the pet department. You reach for the box you normally purchase, but then you remember you saw a YouTube pre-roll video ad about a cat who was so happy it was cuddling with its owner because it purchased this other cat litter. In a split second, you realize you want your cat to love you like that too! So you put down the box of cat litter you normally buy and start looking for this new magical one!

Yes! That’s right. You gave up brand loyalty because of what a commercial was able to make you feel. That, my friend, is the power of storytelling. It gives us an emotional connection that otherwise wouldn’t be there.

The more stories you tell, the more people will remember them. The more they remember them, the more they remember you! The more they remember you, the more they will be looking for you. Bam! Brand Saliency!

In conclusion, keep this in mind:

The best thing for your business to be is REMEMBERED.

Brand salience isn’t the only deciding purchasing factor for your ideal clients and consumer, but it does contribute a great deal.

Written by Dr. Tracy Timberlake

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