How we met [Vivian, Sasha, Tracy]

How we met [Vivian, Sasha, Tracy]

You’ve seen these three ladies around for four years but have you ever thought about how they met?

Vivian Olodun is a serial entrepreneurs, author; Dr. Tracy Timberlake is an award winning YouTuber turn digital business strategist and Sasha Revolus is a creative dreamer with several projects under her belt including Jeremie Charitable Foundation which takes care of hundreds of school children in Haiti.

So how do (3) very business women create Flourish Media Conference?

It all started with a Google search. Sasha and Vivian has been working together on projects for Vivian’s marketing consultant business. Vivian would write copy for luxury agents and Sasha would create postcards, websites, and later format executive resumes.

The two ladies had been at it a while and more clients were asking for social media and digital marketing support. With that the two ladies decided it was time to invest in some personal development so they started to Google: social media conference for women.

That’s when they found Blogging While Brown. It was a 2-day conference in Washington, DC that focused on the business of blogging as a minority. At the conference the two ladies learned about business models for bloggers that included advertising sales, podcasting, YouTube and drop shipment for products using e-commerce.

At the conference the ladies received compliment after compliment on their branding. Many of the attendees asked how they could hire the ladies and where they could learn more about the services. Ultimately the two sat with the creator of Blogging While Brown and ask how franchising the conferences that other aspiring business women could learn these skills in Miami. The creator offered to coach the ladies into creating something unique to South Florida and BOOM - the Flourish Media Conference was born.

So you might be thinking but wait...what about Dr. Tracy?! I’m getting there.

Back from DC and filled with all this great information and millions of dollars in business funding but no real audience. The ladies needed a way to share the conference with the world.

Months earlier Sasha suggested that Vivian connect with a YouTuber named Tracy to learn about video production. Vivian purchased a course from Tracy and later discovered she lived in Miami. The two met in person and hit it off!

Faced with needing to reach more people and motivated by helping others, Vivian suggested the ladies meet together and collaborate to host the first conference. 78 attendees later, the ladies accomplished their goal.

What many people may not know is that Flourish Media Conference came BEFORE Flourish Media the company.

The ladies never intended to build a company, they came together wanting to educate other women and introduce them to willing angel investors.

It was after the conference when attendees started to ask how the ladies could replicate the launch of the conference for other small businesses that the women decided to create the

Thanks to a Google search and a passion for helping others, you know Vivian Olodun, Dr. Tracy Timberlake and Sasha Revolus as the ladies Behind The Leaf.

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