Are you ready for a photoshoot?

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Whether you are a service based entrepreneur or a product based business images are a must! Capturing the right images can be tricky.

No fear! Flourish is here!

Introducing Brandography: Your Onsite Photoshoot Guide.

Unless you’re a professional model, photoshoots can be uncomfortable to say the least. You have no idea what you look like from the other side of the lens.

And as a brand, it's not just about taking any ‘ole picture. You want to make sure that you are capturing the RIGHT ones. The ones that represent your brand and your business in the best light possible.  

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We are showing you how to show up as the superstar of your business!

In this guide you will learn:

  • Picture Prepping Snapshot: An at-a-glance guide to help you prepare for picture day

  • Learn what kinds of images your brand needs for your website and social media

  • Images Checklist: Something tangible that you can discuss with your photographer beforehand and hand to them on the day of the shoot

  • A Posting for Pictures Guide - some tips on body language and posing prompts

  • And more!

So often we see visual branding done the wrong way. That doesn’t have to be you!

Not today, not ever!