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Social Media for Small Business Training

Struggling with your social media strategy?

Not sure where to start or how to use it for your business?

We have got just the answer for you!

Introducing our new FREE Training: Social Media for Small Business


In this training you will learn:

All about the Science of Going Social.

How to create social media sales funnels that continually draw new customers and clients in.

 Free Resources that will allow you to get started and what social media success really looks like.



Social media doesn’t have to be a mystery any longer.

Sign up for our free training and get the goods on all of the proven strategies and tactics we have used with dozens of our own clients.

We are making this training available for free, online for the first time ever!.

Companies have paid us thousands to come in and do this workshop for them - and now it's available you, right here, right now!

We are pulling back the curtains and giving you a roadmap to social media strategy.



Who We are: 

Vivian Olodun: Offering over a decade of small business marketing experience, Vivian has a passion for go-to-market business development. Vivian has successfully scaled small businesses in multiple industries. Her most relevant being a rebrand of personal care and fragrance products now for sale in Wal-Mart, Marshalls, TJMaxx, CVS and Burlington Coat Factory. Her dynamic team will now become your support system

Sasha Revolus: Sasha offers nearly a decade of experience in social media management, property management and humanitarianism. Sasha is focused, determined, and a believer in finishing strong in every endeavor she starts. Without limits set, Sasha has been able to enjoy her creativity by immersing herself in all facets of business whether it be business structure, brand develop and/or web design. For you, Sasha will rally the troops!

Dr. Tracy Timberlake: Dr.Timberlake is an Award Winning Digital Strategist and an Award Winning Youtube Video Blogger. A pioneer and industry expert in the field of digital leadership and entrepreneurship, Dr. TT coaches clients on how to get use their influence and expertise to build successful businesses in the online space.