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A-List Accelerator $897

Self-Study Course with private facebook group

#Boss Status Starts with you. Completely clueless about how to become that "go-to" Guru in your niche? (Why does it seem so easy for everyone else, right?) Terrified of all the social media options and don't know how to crawl yourself out of information overload.  (Videos? Live Streams? Instagram? What!!!!!????). Tired of feeling invisible in your industry? (You're never gonna quit that 9-5 job at this rate!)


Our complete step by step system. 
It is designed to walk you through ALL of the foundational brand building AND THEN SOME!!!


payment plan available

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Social Media for Small Businesses $599

Self-Study Course with private facebook group

Social media is a must for small businesses!

You know your business needs the power of social media to grow, but you have no idea where to begin. Or maybe you tried it and found yourself overwhelmed with online platforms and it made you want to give up.

What if we you had a system that unlocked the mysteries of social media?
A way of understanding which platform to use for what and how to make it work for you instead of against you?

...without spending thousands of dollars on ads.

...without spending thousands of dollars hiring social media managers

...without spending countless hours trying to figure it all out, wasting precious time that you could be using serving your customers instead of demystifying social media marketing.

payment plan available

Available en Espanol

Go Nonprofit! How to File with the IRS $156

self-study course with provate facebook group

Learn how to Structure Your Idea & Prepare to File for a 501c3 with one form in day!

This course is a easy to follow, comprehensive plan to get your nonprofit launched in a day!

Take a look at what we cover:

  • Establish the need and desire for the project
  • Define the desired outcomes of your non-profit
  • Describe the methods you will use to achieve these outcomes
  • Establish your organization's credibility in today’s world
  • Understand all of the systems, strategies and paperwork you need to put together to ensure your 501c3 status