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Shannon Boodram Interview with Behind the Leaf

Shannon Boodram: [00:00:00] It takes out the middle man! Social media in essence says
you no longer have to go to a magazine or to a media company in general to get senior
publicity. You can create your own buzz and create your own campaign. You can create
your own audience and then use that campaign on them. So I think it just takes up the
middleman. Before there was certain opportunities that were only for the elite and for the
chosen. Now it's for anybody with a phone or a keyboard. So I think the sky's the limit as
long as you don't get distracted by the narcissistic side of social media which really doesn't help you but can often feel like the most important part. And by that I mean collecting likes and followers all of the above.

Flourish: [00:00:47] Thank you so much for making yourself available to us.

Shannon Boodram: [00:00:52] No, thank you guys so much of jumping on this for being
persistent for being patient. Great questions. I really appreciate your time.

Flourish: [00:01:01] So What opportunity do you see in general for women using social
media for their business as entrepreneurs or as a career.

Shannon Boodram: [00:01:10] So Facebook Watch their brand new platform and they're
rolling out. That's like a Netflix or Hulu it's kind of I guess mostly closely tied to bread or
and like their popular show section. So they take care of us. It's definitely a new platform
people have to get use to. But the easiest way I guess is I think make up or break up. Puts me in a unique position to use all of my skill set which is of course working with people about intimacy and relationships too, I went to school for journalism. So it's a lot of what we've learned in broadcast in terms of being able to pitch timing wise being able to listen to feedback while you're also talking. And then of course the main thing for me is just really people interaction whether it is the audience or it's a couple on stage or even in the comments
section afterwards is creating an environment where people feel comfortable sharing their
truth. So it's not only is the mention of all the things that I've been working on my entire life to get to this point in my career. But it also challenges those areas in ways that I didn't

Flourish: [00:02:09] How is your support team different now, working more closely with

Shannon Boodram: [00:02:14] Oh yeah.

Shannon Boodram: [00:02:14] I mean this is definitely one of the bigger budget
productions shows I've worked on and so I've gotten a unique chance to work on a lot of
TV before mostly just a one off projects which is probably the first time other than my full
screen show which was you know I had two seasons of that so far but even the show
ShanBoody Your Perfect Date. We really shot those pretty quickly like within a matter of
10 days. Well this show is legitimately from September to the end of the year. So it's a long
time of working with a lot of people and there's production managers to please there is
executive producers to please of course Facebook executives to please. There's a lot of
cooks in the kitchen. And you have to keep all that in mind when you're trying to deliver a
product that reflects everybody's desires but also feels true to me. So it definitely is larger
and different but at the same time I don't feel like I have never been this position before.
It's just my first time doing it with the same people each week after week.

Flourish: [00:03:11] And what can viewers expect to get from your show?

Shannon Boodram: [00:03:15] I hope it's entertaining for people.

Shannon Boodram: [00:03:17] I mean I think what we see on social media is two sides of
relationships. All the cute selfies in the home making pizzas and all that and then we see
like the sub tweets when that person is like broken up and now I call that person the worst
individual in the world we never really get the in between. We never feel like what are the
real struggles in their relationship what are either side. So it's like this bizarre world that we
live in where we're showing our truth but only really fragmented versions of our experience
where this show kind of gives you that gap in the middle where you really see OK this is
what struggling love looks like and we've all been struggling love. I don't say that with any
type of you know snarkiness to me. We've all been that place before where love is not that
easy anymore. So I think the viewers get to learn about themselves. They get to be
entertained by learning about other people's relationships. And then it also satisfies
everyone's need to give advice. I think one of my favorite quotes is that you never give
advice to somebody unless they beg for it! So you really like it just most people when they
tell you their problems they just want you to listen. On this show in a very unique sense we
don't want you to just listen we want you to chime in we want you to comment we want you
to throw in your two cents to 10 cents your $5 whatever you have. So I think for those
three reasons. Again it's voyeurism. Learn about yourself.

Shannon Boodram: [00:04:32] And then also getting to be the therapist that we all
secretly always wanted to be.

Flourish: [00:04:38] Right. And in general what are the best ways for our tribe at Flourish
Media to be able to find you?

Shannon Boodram: [00:04:44] I mean even look at anything like ShanBoody or Shan
Boodram. That'll be great. I always say though I think that the quest of figuring out your
intimate life and taking more of an interest in who you are as a sexual and relational
person is always the best compliment to me. So whether you choose to follow me or you
find another expert or a leader that you think really suits what your values are that's cool. I
just want more people looking up "How do I live my best intimate life?" like that to me is
like the greatest compliment of my work.

Flourish: [00:05:15] Excellent thank you so very very much. We've been big fans for a
really long time. We have Flourish Media Conference that we run every February. This
year it's February 16th and 17th.

Flourish: [00:05:25] And we truly deeply hope that we will have an opportunity to work
with you in another way in person hopefully as you grow your career and as we continue to
support you.

Flourish: [00:05:35] And when can our viewers from Flourish Media be able to find Make
Up to Break Up? Where should they look?

Shannon Boodram: [00:05:41] They can just go to

Flourish: [00:05:46] Thank you so much.

Shannon Boodram: [00:05:47] Thank you!