Why It's Time To Become A Professional Social Media Manager

Why It's Time To Become A Professional Social Media Manager

Can you see the writing on the newsfeed?! Social Media Management is here to stay. It's time to stop using the same old tired marketing techniques expecting new results.

Industry leaders are looking for professionals to cut through the noise and reach their target markets with content-rich digital campaigns. Every day more people are using social media to get their news and entertainment. Traditional media outlets are struggling to retain viewership and companies are positioning their budgets in favor of data-driven advertising. I think it's time to give the people what they want...more QUALIFIED support!

Now is the time for creative professionals to consider a career in social media. I for one am here to help them! I have more than a decade working with clients. What I am hearing more each day is that people want to understand social media marketing but they rarely have the time to learn.

What the pros won't tell you is that throwing up pretty pictures with a couple of #hastags won't give you OR YOUR CLIENT the results they are looking for online. You must offer a logical plan. You need a system that other people can replicate and get THE SAME results. Social Media Managment isn't magic. There is a science to going social.

Clients are looking for:

  • Expert knowledge

  • Strategy

  • Measurable results

Platforms change every day. Focus on being an expert. What worked yesterday, won't work 3 months from now. It's possible something changed just in the time it's taken you to read this far, lol.

EVERY industry needs a professional social media presence. If you would describe yourself as tech-savvy, a life-long-learner or a problem solver, then a career in social media might be perfect for you!

Savvy business professionals know that in order to reach the largest group of qualified prospects for the best ROI, there's nothing better than social media marketing. In fact, if you're not using social media, you are leaving money on the table. In this video, I share candid tips on how to become a professional Social Media Manager.

Vivian Olodun, Publicist & Marketing Consultant shares tech tools, techniques, and educational resources to help you convert your social media audience into clients for your business. Subscribe for new videos every Tuesday & Friday.

Tips Offered

1. How to focus on a niche

2. Payment structures

3. Reporting systems and more!

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If you are a marketing professional, comment below. What trends have you noticed in the last 5 years? Would you agree that social media is now? Where do you see marketing going in the next 5 years?



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