Don’t Be Afraid To Take A Risk

Don’t Be Afraid To Take A Risk

We’ve all seen the quote “well behaved women rarely make history”. It’s often credited to Marilyn Monroe or Eleanor Roosevelt but in fact, it’s from Laurel Thatcher Ulrich.


Yes, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich... a Pulitzer Prize winning historian. Read more about her here:

The quote implies women who follow the rules are boring and forgettable. Laurel went on to write a book reclaiming her iconic catchphrase first printed 1976. This sassy sentence suggest that bad girls matter. That their actions have a larger impact that will undoubtedly ripple through time but I’d like to pose a question.

What happens when you’re not trying to make history?

Who benefits from your “risky” behavior?

In this article, we attempt to identify 3 benefits to your risky behavior that could have a larger impact on the world around you.

1- A healthy dose of selfish self love
“A well-behaved woman puts others before herself,” seems to the underlying message we hear from society. Risky behavior that benefits other women is the behavior progressive women should take. This notion is grandiose and unsustainable because every person, man or woman, needs to find room to recharge and reset. Taking time for yourself can feel like a risk but it is one worth taking. You have to take care of you first. It’s low handing fruit but I’m going to use it away... you know the example: If the plane loses air pressure cover your face first to sustain your breathing. Only AFTER you secure yourself can you help anyone around you, including minor children.

In today’s society where instant is best and the fastest solution is often seen as the right one, we challenge you to take time to reflect before your take action. Crave out time to celebrate your small victories and allow growth to flourish organically. Here at Flourish Media we enjoy the journey. Not to long ago, we were a team of 3. We plan our goals one quarter at time, in peace. Once per year we welcome our growing tribe to Miami, Florida to talk about best practices for our business in the most relaxing gathering possible.

2- Practice failing forward
“Show me someone who has never failed and I can show you someone who never tried.” Failure is good for you! It’s impossible to go through life without disappointment. Challenges are part of the human experience. You can never discover how resilient you are if you don’t learn to take risk, fail, and pick yourself up better than you started.

One of the first projects we created at Flourish Media was a self study course called Prepare to Pitch. We created it thinking we could sell it to hungry small business owners who wanted 3rd party investments. It was a total failure BUT in creating it we had the opportunity to meet and learn from serious angel investors who became the backbone of our $15 million in business funding that we’ve provided at Flourish Media Conference, year after year. If fact, every VIP attending who wishes to pitch for business funding is gifted access to that course. To date 80% of pitches secure support from our resources.

3 - No Fear
“Fear based living is not living at all.” The world is full of amazing sights, fascinating characters, and tremendous opportunities but you’ll never know that if you experience it from the safe distance of your mobile device. They say the magic happens outside your comfort zone.

At Flourish Media we are most comfortable in sunny Miami, Florida but in 2017 we decided to go on tour in the United States. We met new people and grew our business by 47%. What kind of growth can you expect to see?

Taking risk is exciting! You may not expect to make history. We don’t. But we do expect to experience the fullness of life without fear. This year we are going on tour again with PublisHER, A Book Fair for women authors.

We’ve learned so much about each and every one of you and one of your major feedback was the fact that many of you are authors with no place to showcase your self-published work. We took a risk to host the first PublisHER in Miami and it was a hit! Watch the video recap here.

We invited you to attend for free in a city near you. RSVP for free entry.

If you or someone you know would like to be a vendor or featured author, get in touch with us!

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