Exercise and Entrepreneurship

Exercise and Entrepreneurship

I wrote a book in 6 months trying to become a #skinnylegend for my storybook spring garden wedding.

I am not an athletic person. Left to my own devices, I have more in common with the people featured on “My 600lb Life” than The Biggest Loser. I’m the person choosing pizza over kale. I’d spend hours watching Netflix before thinking about buying a Groupon to Toughmudder or hot yoga.

I know my truth and I’m okay with it. What I was not okay with is looking anything less than fabulous in my wedding photos.

Entrepreneurship is similar to great wedding photos - most people in your life will only see the results of your hard work. Only you know your motivation.

Several weeks after my engagement, I decided I wanted to write a book about #adulting. It felt like the right time to reflect on my past romances, prior jobs, and string of subpar fitness challenges. In truth writing a book would be my masterpiece of procrastination. Instead of planning my storybook wedding I would channel my bridal energy into trying to figure out what I did to deserve such an awesome future husband.

I enlisted a small army of support. I hired a fitness trainer, a graphic designer, two editors and a photographer.

5 days per week I went to the gym at 6am. From 7:05-8:00 I would recover from High Intensity Partner Interval Training by brain dumping stories in my car. Every two weeks my editors would review my work. They riffled through my thoughts for literary gold and rejected the rest. We repeated that cycle until a theme arose from pages so that my graphic designer had enough content to create visual expressions of my words.

4 months into the process I realized I’d lost 3 dress sizes and finished writing. It was time to be photographed. I was ready to work on publishing. Soon it would be time to get married.

Exercise is one of the most natural things your body can do. We are designed to move. Our bodies are perfectly prepared to carry us through ups and downs.

Entrepreneurship may not come naturally to you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t master it. With the right kind of support you can accomplish anything.

Weeks into my training at Legacy Fit in Miami, my trainer could see I was ready to give up. He said to me, “stop thinking about the final picture, focus on being consistent.” Something about trusting the process let me enjoy the journey.

When I started my business I didn’t expect to make 6-figures in 6-months. My goal was to help solve one problem for one client.

When I started writing my book I didn’t expect to write an Amazon bestseller. My goal was to identify bad habits so that I could leave them behind and enter the next chapter of my life as a better version of myself.

When I started working out I definitely wanted to be a #skinnylegend and that’s why I didn’t enjoy it because my perspective wasn’t aligned in realistic goals.

What are you rushing in your life? Are you starting a new chapter with old baggage? Is it time for you to get fresh eyes on an old issues? Many people just like you reach out to Flourish Media because we are willing to meet you where you are in your entrepreneurship journey.

You might be ready for a breakthrough looking for a team of people to put your vision into the right consumer package or at the first step in your journey, looking for proven business structures to help you develop a process that will work for you. Or maybe you’ve talked yourself into a stagnant cycle and all you really need is a word of encouragement. Start building your community.

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