Instagram Is A Video Game, Don't Play Yourself

Instagram Is A Video Game, Don't Play Yourself

Everyone seems to be able to get thousands of followers and videos views so why can’t I? If this sounds like you, we are here to tell you YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Every quarter we take a deep dive into digital marketing statistics so that we are offering the most up to date and useful information during our free workshops. You can see what we have coming up here.

We all know the algorithms change almost weekly so we can do the same ole thing and expect it to work. Years ago posting at the right time of day was the most important activity because the platforms ran chronological. That went out the door and hashtags become the best way to exposure your profile to new eyes.

Do you even remember Instagram before professional photos?! Feels like ancient history now. If you have brand you cannot avoid using social media but we know you didn’t start your business to be some a social media expert. That is why we offer our free workshops. All the funding to support these most valuable local events come from the proceeds of Flourish Media and #FlourishTribe.

When an organization wants to truly understand how to “play” social media they hire Flourish Media, a boutique marketing firm focused on teach and helping small businesses marketing like a popular brand.

One of the first thing organizations have to understand is that social media is a game! If you don’t have a plan using digital marketing you are going to get played and spend a lot of money that could be better reinvested in your business.

Yes, it feel great to have thousands of followers but you don’t want to have millions of of followers and not be able to sell 36 t-shirts. You don’t want to start a campaign for your nonprofit and get ZERO volunteers or even worse, ZERO buy in from the community you “built.”

As a rule you SHOULD be able to make $1 for every followers PER MONTH. If those aren’t your numbers than you are using social media for business wrong my friend. Now I do say “for business” because social media is always social first. These platforms are designed for you to engage with other people. You’re not supposed to be sharing into the void. These platforms are also design to KEEP you engaged so don’t think you can build a deeply engaged frowning community if you’re not willing to put in the time.

Before you go too deep into your envy, stop and think about what you want to accomplish from being online.

We have a modest following of 2,400 super engaged followers on Instagram. When we host events we know that a solid percentage of our #FlourishTribe will show up in person to be part of our community in the real world. When we offer services or paid events, there are butts in the seats. Most importantly when we ask for donations our community know that those Monroe’s go to real women with real businesses. We care about be authentic with our tribe.

The point is if you aren’t checking in to ask what really matters for your vision, you are playing yourself.


You can stay up to date with all things social by downloading our free Social Media Guide, we update it every year and you can use the most current version right away for your brand.

If you are struggling with finding your voice online or you’d like to get planning for your future, reach out to schedule an intensive. An intensive is a one-on-one half day with our team where we take you through our planning process for your brand.

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Affluent Black Women Voter Support PublisHER

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