Affluent Black Women Voter Support PublisHER

Affluent Black Women Voter Support PublisHER

On a humid Atlanta afternoon tables and chairs filled up with women. These professionals gathered to support and learn from writers. The women ranged from young post graduates to seasoned retired professionals. The women travelled from St. Louis, Alabama, Florida and of course Atlanta. One thing that would not be ignored is that black women support Behind The Leaf followed closely by their Hispanic sisters.

PublisHER is a Book Fair for self published authors. This event in Atlanta is the second stop on the annual Flourish Tour.

Behind The Leaf creates PublisHER after supporting a graphic novel from writer Jamila Rawser titled, Wash Day. The team purchased several copies of the book with the intention to donate those books to the Miami-Dade Public Library system.

“We thought this book [Wash Day] would offer young people from the diaspora a fun story about their appearance. We figured the best way to reach them would be through free library books.” - Flourish Team

What we discovered shock us. Many Public Libraries have policies that prohibit self-published authors from donating free books to its system. When pressed library officials said the system is meant to maintain quality control.

In today’s world where publishing requires a network of literary agents, printer, public relations professionals and marketing, women story tellers are using digital tools to flourish outside of this system. You may have a Kindle or eReader and that because technology has open the door for more of us to enter this sphere.

“Everyone has a story to tell and I think what you all are doing here is amazing” - Tosha Murray


Tosha Murray is the namesake for Clark Atlantic University’s FIRST endowments in the school of Social Work. Tosha is part of #FlourishTribe and she isn’t alone.


Grace Brown is the author of 9 books. She built a business around helping storytellers master the book writing process. CM Harold is the author of “Dance with Honey,” a book available right now in Barnes and Noble.

Della Mack, author of “Confidence is She,” is a proud member of our armed forces. Della is a master in leadership and passionate about sharing what she knows with anyone who will listen.

It’s a fact that affluent, confident, politically active women of color regularly attend events hosted by Behind The Leaf and Flourish Media. We like to think women of a certain age and background understand how important it is to invest in community building. Our tribe participate because they feel supported by our ever growing network of professionals who value kindness, honesty, and education.

PublisHER is on tour now. We are accepting authors, sponsors, and donations to bring more of our ladies together for an afternoon of great story telling. Click here to find out how you can get involved with these group.

Behind The Leaf also host our annual Flourish Media Conference, February in Miami Florida. Guest who attend PublisHER get access to special offers and discounts as well as raffle prizes from our partners.

If you’d like to get involved with our stable events or request more information about attracting affluent minorities to your organization, email

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