Does Capital One Bank Care About Women Business Owners More Than Any Other Bank?

Does Capital One Bank Care About Women Business Owners More Than Any Other Bank?

Millennials are the largest share of the US workforce and the driving demographic responsible for business development in South Florida.

This group of tech savvy small business owners gravitate towards free WiFi, good coffee, and the opportunity to connect offline with other business minded professionals.

In comes Capital One’s brilliant concept Capital One Cafe’s, where millennials can pull out their laptops, purchase small bites, and nurture a relationship with their local banker all under one roof.


One of the major challenges for women small business owners is gaining access to capital. Women entrepreneurs have unique financial challenges that require banks to think and act differently.

When we created Flourish Media Conference, our angel investors had already committed $15 million in financing business owner and operated by women business owners. Over four years our attendees voiced other financial challenges that are best resolve through traditional banks.

”We reached out to many local banks hoping to partner for Flourish Media Conference with no luck.”- Flourish Team Member

In 2019, over 230 women small business owners attended Flourish Media Conference and Capital One was the only banking partner onsite.

Capitol operates with unique perspectives and powerful ideas. They aspire every day to create the best experiences for associates, partners, and customers. They build and foster a diverse and inclusive culture where every voice is heard and matters. They believe that everyone has a unique point of view to share, shaped by their life experiences, cultures, and passions. Capital One positioned itself to connect with these women business owners in a meaningful way that resulted in new business bank accounts, future collaborations, and we hope more opportunities for small business women to finance projects that allow them to flourish.

Beloved Box, one of the 3 companies that pitched for funding, walked away with support from our partners and a collaboration with Capital One Cafe in Brickell.


Dani Spikes, Beloved Box owners thanks 501c3 Behind The Leaf and credits Flourish Media Conference for making a lasting connection that has now opened more doors for more business.

“I’m so glad I decided to pitch my business at Flourish Media Conference! I’ve been Flourishing ever since.”

Tickets for Flourish Media Conference, February 21-22, 2020 are available now. If you are in finance or offer business support services and you’d like to be a partner sponsor for our projects, reach out via email

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