What is Vlogust & Is It Right For You?

What is Vlogust & Is It Right For You?

If you’re asking yourself what Vlogust means, then you’ve come to the right place! Upon first glance you might be thinking we created a new gimmick to increase our clickbait but alas this topic has been trending since 2014. #wepromise

Vlogust stands for Vlog + August or Video Everyday in August (VEDA).

Creators, consumers and brands alike are so attracted to videos because it’s an effortless way to consume information. Take a few moments and think about a commercial you’ve seen. You’re probably humming the song right now and it probably goes a little something like this: Ba da ba ba ba...I’m lovin’ it! BOOM your mind goes straight to McDonalds and their golden arches and you can smell crisp french fries in the air. We’ll give you a few moments to order some via UberEats because that’s what we’re doing right now...This is why Vlogging, yes, that’s right: Video + Blogging = Vlogging is so important for your brand. Watching videos is a quicker + easier way for people to consume information vs reading page after page which might take longer. In today’s digital age time and convenience are KEY (shoutout to UberEats) so if you’re able to package everything and hand it over wrapped in a shiny red bow in under 30 seconds on Instagram or under 5 minutes on YouTube then you’re off to a great start. Plus it’s more fun! Another reason why videos / Vlogging is important is because of the fact that it can help humanize a brand and make it feel real. Don’t get us wrong, sometimes videos miss the mark and can be so boring that you stop watching all together, but in order to capture the right audience you have to be true to you. Also SEO loves videos. So if you’re going to start vlogging we totally recommend doing so during Vlogust!

Getting involved is super easy, all you need is a camera and that already comes in your phone, talk about convenience! Pick a topic you’re passionate about to start off and know you have at least 31 days of content. Remember, Vlogging doesn’t have to be an all day affair and can be done in as little as 5 minutes.

If you’re still not convinced about Vlogging we definitely recommend looking into the beauty industry. These YouTubers have completely changed the landscape and have disrupted the industry in a massive way. Huge corporations are looking to influencers to work on collaborations and ultimately sell their makeup. They do so by creating makeup tutorials or “honest” testimonials about brands that make YOU the consumer react in a way that will either make or break the latest makeup trend.

Here at Flourish Media we’re going to dive deeper into the following topics over the next five weeks aka each week of Vlogust!

The topics up for discussion are:

  • Week 1 = Mindset

  • Week 2 = Personal Relationships

  • Week 3 = Rejection

  • Week 4 = Strategic Alliances

  • Week 5 = Follow Up

Are you up for the challenge?

PS for more helpful tips and tricks check out our Free Social Media Video Training! 





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