Be Willing to Be Whack - Angie Martinez

Be Willing to Be Whack - Angie Martinez

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The first try won’t be your best try. Plenty of people want to build a business or establish a new initiative but don’t because they get caught up on making it “perfect.”

Let’s address that together right now... there is no such thing as perfect. (Repeat that 3x)

Angela "Angie" Martinez is an American radio personality, rapper, and actress of Puerto Rican, Cuban and Dominican heritage. Nicknamed “The Voice of New York”, her afternoon radio show has consistently been ranked #1 with more young listeners than any other radio program in the country. Angie is famously quoted for saying, “You have to be willing to be wack.”

In her unique New York, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican way she is saying you have to be willing to try, KNOWING that it won’t be perfect.

We host free workshops for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs on video for social media. Video is one of the most respected and effective forms of content. Video allows the views to take on information using multiple senses and therefore hits psychological triggers that text or photos don’t. One social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin video content rack highest and is seen by more people in the current algorithms.

Here is the thing about video... most people are afraid to use it because the camera makes them uncomfortable. Being on camera is NOT natural. Most people are awkward and even more find it jarring to listen to their own voice.

We see movie stars and people like Angie Martinez use mass media to reach millions of viewers and we compare ourselves to them. Stop it! Those professionals put YEARS of practice into that craft.

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s end.

“Wack” is a slang term but the dictionary defines wack spelled “whack” as a try or attempt. When we remove the “h” we are describing something as inferior or lacking in quality.

Remember that when you start, your work IS inferior to what YOU will create over time because your skill will become more refined with time and practice. Perfection doesn’t exist but quality comes in doing.

You have to be willing to be wack because that means you are trying.

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Written by Vivian Anderson

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