Thriving in the Gig Economy for Women

Thriving in the Gig Economy for Women

This weekend is Miami Holiday Market for Makers in Miami. This two-day event at The Moore Building, is a gathering place for shoppers looking for creative gifts, a fun time out, and Insta-worthy photos of the perfect bohemian shopping experience. Behind the selfies and trendy accessories is a growing billion dollar gig economy.

Miami Holiday Market 2018

Miami Holiday Market 2018

Many crafts people, part time farmers, and kitchen chemist are developing products that are quietly building them a small fortune. The gig economy is thriving in South Florida.

Studies show Miami is No. 1 is US for new startup activity in the United States - READ MIAMI HERALD ARTICLE

Women are in an excellent place to build small businesses around homemade goods using digital tools, but the best way to build a small business is through vending at local events with real people who can purchase right away. Many craftswoman are landing deals with major retailers. These women are establishing business-to-business connections by first selling as vendors.


That’s how much Deborah (name changed for privacy) made last month from her Etsy business.

“I started creating jewelry to pass the time when my husband went into the hospital. It cost me $0.54 to create my accessories. Now I make more doing this at events than I ever did selling online!”

Blogger Jessica Rea wrote the Ultimate Guide to Selling On Etsy outline key elements to help any crafter or reseller succeed on the platform with one MAJOR flaw. To grow a business you have to diversify your market.

$2,000 sounds like a great spa day, a fun outing for the family, or a helpful contribution to pay down household debt; but $2,000 is not going to significantly impact your lifestyle. In a later article, Jessica she gives 10 tips. Many of the tips being to get in front of real people.


Vendor Fee - $400

Income - $7,000

State Fair

Vendor Fee - $200

Income - $1200


Vendor Fee - $700

Income - $12,000

More women are mastering the Gig Economy by pairing online e-commerce with strategic in-person selling. In South Florida vendors are quickly trying to snag a spot at Flourish Media Conference, hosted by 501c3 Behind The Leaf to connect with highly sought after niche audience of women business owners. 70% of attendees fly into this conference once a year for the past 3 years. This conference is known for connecting women business owners with willing investor for up to $15 million. Vendors are often happy to find out the fee is subsidized by local partners and lower than other similar conferences. REQUEST TO BECOME A VENDOR

Flourish Media Conference is Feb 21-22rd (Friday & Saturday), in sunny Miami, Florida. The venue can hold up to 300 people. Vendors from the past 3 years include: women apparel, tech apps, lifestyle brands, business services, food, and candle companies.

“I missed an opportunity to vend the first year and I’ll never let it happen again! I sold out last year and I expect to do even better this year. I can’t wait for February!”

Space is limited at South Florida’s most desirable conferences. Decide to thrive in this Gig Economy alongside your fellow women business owners. Don’t wait to become a vendor.

If you or someone you know would like to become a vendor, sponsor, or media partner contact

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