PublisHER: The Outlet Self Published Authors Have Been Waiting For 

PublisHER: The Outlet Self Published Authors Have Been Waiting For 

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Our very first self-published women authors book fair was more than we ever imagined it could be! 

Authors and readers were connecting in a way never before possible—and it was birthing practically instant writer careers in a brand new way. Suddenly, the freedom of self-publishing is illuminating all female authors to pursue their dreams. At PublisHER you gain the confidence that tells you are worthy and capable. You gain the education needed to take the next leap of faith in a knowledgeable manner. We exhort you to do the damn thing because it’s wise to invest in your talents. Self-publishing has unleashed a wave of human potential. Every kind of story you can imagine is not only being written, but published. Many will flounder and not find their audience; but many will soar. By attending PublisHER readers also have the great delight of finding your artistic expression. This empowerment and insight isn’t found anywhere else! We teach you that self-publishing allows you to cater to whatever niche market you can dream up—there’s no guarantee of sales, but nothing stands in the way of producing and distributing your art. We want to see you flourish! 

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During our panel at PublisHER one future writer said, “This is the first event I’ve ever been that’s made me want to take action.” You have to plant the seed AND show up for yourself. Cultivate your talents. 

We know that so many of you are already at home scribbling away and we can't wait to read your first (or next) book! Maybe next time we will be hearing all about your story! The party doesn't stop here. We want to remind you that there are still a few $75 dollar tickets for the Flourish Media Conference available.

If you loved the few hours you experienced at PublisHER, then imagine that x10 because that's exactly what Flourish Media Conference is all about. 


Picture this:

2 days of learning all about branding, visibility and funding. 

2 days of connecting with power players and dozens of lady bosses. 

2 days of more than just motivation!

That's what you can expect, and more! So, don't delay; mark your calendars for Feb 22-23. Grab your tickets because they are going fast!

We will see you there! 

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