How To Collaborate With Brands

How To Collaborate With Brands

Every day on social media you never fail to come across a post where businesses or influencers are collaborating with brands. What if we told you that whether you have 1,000 or 10,000 followers you can too work with a variety of brands that suit your niche? If you want to know how to make these collaborations a real deal keep reading! 

When a business collaborates with another company the marketing initiatives can be hugely beneficial. Not only can it increase exposure for both parties, it can result in more leads and greater overall success. 

Who Should You Be Collaborating With?

Partner with brands that are reputable: Look towards brands that are effective with their own marketing efforts; companies that market themselves effectively are more likely to also co-market effectively.

Stay true to your brand: The goals of your company are what drives your marketing efforts. Ensure that the company you choose to work with is aligned with your mission and values to find synergies together.


The chances on landing a collaboration with a brand are higher when you know exactly who you are contacting. In this case we care looking for PR CONTACT, MARKETING DIRECTOR, SOCIAL MEDIA TEAM. All you need to do is Google. A lot of brands have their PR agencies or marketing managers public, so definitely utilize that information. Another way is Twitter and Instagram. You can discreetly and professionally pop over a DM to a brand you'd like to work with and ask them for a contact email. This has worked for me many times! I must say while emailing is quite successful, nothing speaks volumes about your business than calling the contact directly! Sure this may sound intimidating and you’ll have to practice your picture several times prior to the call. You may even get sent to voicemail, but call. Get in contact. Leave that message. Persistence and professionalism is key! 


Truth is, PR teams and social media managers are BUSY. They receive hundreds of emails requesting partnerships. You have to stand out! Why should they work with you? Be persistent! 

If you’re reaching out via email try this format:

  1. An introduction of yourself and your business/blog and company mission if applicable (2-3 sentences).

  2. Why you love the brand or their products/services (2 sentences).

  3. A mention of the fact that you’d like to collaborate and why it would be a great fit (2-3 sentences).

  4. A call to action, such as, “I have xyz in mind as a way to collaborate, I will provide full details if you’re interested in moving forward?” (1 sentence).

  5. Lastly, you’ll want to share your media kit or press kit with them, too. I recommend uploading it as a PDF. 

Altogether, your email should be short and sweet, but enticing and full of good info.


Business events like Create & Cultivate Vision Summit Miami and Flourish Media Conference is the business networking you want to participate in! When attending events that focus on lifestyle and entrepreneurship, it’s 

essential to introduce yourself to the on site rep for the brands that are present. Make sure to have your business cards ready, but most importantly TAKE THEIRS. You’ll want to follow up and send the brand a quick note immediately post-event. This is key to building relationships with that company. Next time the opportunity presents itself, invest in that ticket lady boss. Events are hosted for your own benefit! 

That’s a lot of information to take in right? Not sure where to begin? We got you! If you or your business friends would like to connect with major brands or learn how to increase your online visibility for companies to discover you, then get send us a message!

Flourish Media can provide the tools and resources necessary to help you collaborate with brands. 

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