The Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs

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One of most fun holidays of the year is approaching; Halloween! It’s safe to say it has officially become socially acceptable to dress your pet in the cutest or most ridiculous costumes that you can find!

Practice Makes Perfect


Just because there was a step-by-step tutorial doesn't mean it's going to be easy. The more you practice that contour the more bomb your selfies are going to come out. Growing your brand is a lot like following a makeup tutorial. Practice makes perfect and will take you far.

As a brand you need to keep following up, engaging with your consumers and prospective clientele and it's never easy. Most deals don't happen over night but they will if you keep persevering.

We Are Family


Developing a brand is hard and belonging to a community is even harder. Once you find your niche, never let it go the same way you wouldn't let a good bra go.

A good community is like a good bra: hard to find, supportive, comfortable, and always lifts you up. Once you're in the groove of your new community it's always important to stay true to your authentic self and to always engage. This is how your community knows you're active and here for the right reasons.

How To Hashtag Your Iconic Halloween Costume


As a business, you have to associate yourself with your branding as well. You must be consistent with your niche and the content you produce. Similar to Halloween, you want to create an iconic or staple costume (branding) for yourself. Be careful when you choose what will represent your brand, this is the face of the business and it could either make or break your engaged community

How to Celebrate Your Small Victories


There are times we don’t see the substantial amount of growth as we’d like with our craft or our business. However, every accomplishment and victory we have is worth celebrating. Baby steps that aid to your long-term vision are usually the most vital ones to take. We must remain focused and trust the process. Discouragement can easily creep up on us if we’re not constantly checking in with ourselves and the progress we’re actually making, even if it’s slow #flourishtribe

Practice Makes Perfect

Have you ever seen a makeup tutorial and legit felt stunned when the artist created a jaw dropping eyeliner look in one full swoop? You keep rewinding the video back to see how precise they were able to get the liner done and maybe even used one hand to create the look. Well my friends just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, these makeup artists had to practice to make their liner poppin.

Vanilla Ice Was Right All Along

Vanilla Ice was up to something when he wrote ‘Ice-Ice Baby’. In this classic song from the 90’s he spits out “All right, stop, collaborate and listen”. So simple, yet so many people fail to understand this concept. In today’s digital age brand awareness is everything. If you’re a brand with 5,000 followers on Instagram and collaborate with an influencer who has 50,000 followers, your brand is now reaching 55,000 followers. You now have unlocked access to a whole new audience set that you wouldn’t have before.

Partnerships = Power

Last year, Amazon purchased Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. One of the perks of this new relationship is fresh food. “Through Whole Foods stores, Amazon has renewed efforts to deliver fresh food — a service that has been a struggle for it in the past. Unlike shampoo or paper towels, fresh food can spoil quickly. It is costly and complicated to deliver. It is expensive to store. Those challenges plagued its efforts with prior delivery service, Amazon Fresh. Whole Foods' stores provide a more cost-effective way to take care of fresh food, while also providing a launching pad to transport those groceries.” --CNBC Markets.

How an Epic Fail Lead to an Epic Reward for Jessica Simpson

Have you ever experienced an epic fail and thought you couldn’t redeem yourself from it? You feel like the word FAILURE in BIG BOLD letters is written across your forehead and you can’t do anything to wipe it away.  Epic fails happen on a daily basis but at least our epic fails aren’t broadcasted live for the world to see like celebrities. One of my favorite celebrity epic fails to date and this one is a major #tbt, happens to be Jessica Simpson and Chicken of the Sea. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here’s some background information.